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 President’s Message

March 2016

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the Virginia Chapter of APPA, otherwise known as VAPPA. During VAPPA ’15, which was co-hosted by Virginia Military Institute and Washington and Lee University, a call went out for volunteers to get VAPPA officially chartered. A core group of individuals worked over the next year to position us so that during VAPPA ’16, which was hosted by James Madison University March 7-8, we officially stood up VAPPA when the officers were sworn in and the bylaws were approved by the membership during the board meeting. This was a huge milestone for VAPPA. VAPPA falls under the Southeastern Region of APPA (SRAPPA). SRAPPA has been very generous in offsetting costs for educational opportunities and credentialing. If you’re not a member of APPA and SRAPPA, I strongly encourage you to sign up. The VAPPA board is in the process of putting the final touches on our charter, and also putting our goals together for the year. Just remember that VAPPA is your organization. We welcome any and all assistance and ideas that you may want to put forward. Stay involved and recruit nearby institutions. I look forward to serving VAPPA and I hope to see everyone at VAPPA ’17, which will be hosted at George Mason University March 13-14, 2017. In the meantime, if you have any interest in getting involved, please reach out to me or one of the other board members.

Best Regards,

Scott Gesele, VAPPA Past President

Director of Facilities Management, Christopher Newport University


VAPPA Board March 2017 – March 2018

John PrengamanPresident

John Prengaman

Director of Physical Plant

Hampden-Sydney College, Hampden-Sydney




Past PresidentScott Gesele

Scott Gesele

Director of Facilities Management

Christopher Newport University, Newport News





Mike Merriam

Associate Director, Facilities Management

University of Virginia, Charlottesville 




Treasurer233799 VAPPA 2016 158 (Large)

Meghan Johnston

Director of Cost Control

University of Richmond, Richmond




Vice President for Communications 

(also serves as Board Secretary)

Jim Morris

Assistant Director, School Plant Services – Environmental and Energy Management

Virginia Beach City Public Schools, Virginia Beach




Vice President for Conference Planning233799 VAPPA 2016 155 (Large)

Julie Bubb Dove

Facilities Management

Senior Planner/Special Events

James Madison University, Harrisonburg




Vice President for Education233799 VAPPA 2016 153 (Large)

Duane Swanson

Assistant Director Facilities Management

James Madison University, Harrisonburg




Vice President for Membership

Joseph Martinez

Chief Operations Manager

Virginia Institute of Marine Science, Gloucester Point




Business Partner Liaison233799 VAPPA 2016 159 (Large)

Debra Dowden-Crockett

Senior Development and Solutions Manager

Centennial Contractors Enterprises, Inc., Newport News










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