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Professional Development

APPA U Each year, APPA offers programing for facilities professionals seeking development and training in technical areas such as operations and maintenance, energy and utilities, general administration and planning, design, and construction. This is known as APPA U. Historically, each January and September, participants in the Institute for Facilities Management and the Leadership Academy gather at a location to learn better management skills and take the next steps to becoming the leader they can be. By offering both APPA’s highly regarded Institute for Facilities Management and Leadership Academy, APPA U delivers quality professional training in an environment that encourages professional networking and collaboration with other education facilities professionals—in one location. This approach allows for less travel, easier registration, greater sharing of information, and an excellent opportunity for Institute and Academy attendees to network with each other throughout the week. Both the Institute and Academy are four-track programs held at APPA U twice every year.


The Institute of Facilities Management offers four core course tracks during each week-long session: General Administration & Management; Maintenance & Operations; Energy & Utilities; and Planning, Design & Construction.   Institute students select one core area that will be the focus of their classes for that week.  Morning classes consist of required courses, centering on the core area selected.  Afternoon classes are electives chosen by the student and may be a combination from any of the four core areas.

Upon completing each week-long session, students will receive a certificate of completion designating their core area of study and 3.0 continuing education units (CEUs).  To receive maximum benefit, APPA recommends that students work towards graduation from the full Institute program by completing all four core areas.

Additional Information and course structure for The Institute of Facilities Management:


The Leadership Academy is to enhance and further develop leadership throughout the educational industry. It provides opportunities for administrative professionals to increase their awareness of industry issues, learn the skills necessary to handle today’s changes, and discover the leadership potential within each of us.

The Leadership Academy has been developed for, and focuses on, the educational institution’s facilities staff, buyers/purchasing agents, business/finance professionals, and auxiliary services professionals.  Academy attendees focus on one of four tracks per session:  Individual Effectiveness Skills; Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills; Managerial Effectiveness Skills; and Organizational Effectiveness Skills.  Graduates of The Leadership Academy are uniquely prepared to demonstrate the value of the facilities department in furthering their institution’s educational mission.

Additional Information and course structure for The Leadership Academy:

APPA’s Annual Conference has over 500 facilities officers, directors and managers throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and the world which convenes once a year where they will identify and discuss the most current and pressing challenges facing educational facilities, and determine the common path forward.

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The Educational Facilities Professional (EFP) certificate program was designed with the younger and/or newer facilities professional in mind and the study materials have a greater emphasis on operations and utility systems than management and administration information.


The Certified Educational Facilities Professional (CEFP) credential is more appropriate for the more experienced facilities professional. The course material has a greater emphasis on administration and management issues as compared to the EFP. The CEFP credential must be renewed every four years through the accrual of 120 APPA units.

The Certified Educational Facilities Professional (CEFP) credential represents the highest standards of performance and understanding in educational facilities management.

The mission of APPA’s Credential and Certification program is dedicated to strengthening and sustaining the profession by increasing professional competency and supporting the educational mission through establishing and validating standards for professional practice.

CEFP is the only facilities credential that focuses on your professional development, while encompassing the full, multi-disciplinary range of educational facilities management principles and practices – from planning, design and construction to daily operations and general management.

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Is your Institution an APPA and SRAPPA member?  If so, you are eligible to a significant discount towards your CEFP or EFP Credential!  Visit the Credentialing website for more details!

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 Supervisor’s Toolkit has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the facilities management professional.  It is a structured, open-ended, and pragmatic approach to developing supervisors.  It is not so much a teaching program as a development process, designed to help supervisors realize both personal and professional growth. The program is designed for a full week of training.

Current Offerings:

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Drive-In Workshop is an excellent way for APPA member institutions to encourage networking and professional development among educational facilities professionals within their local vicinity.

Current Offerings:

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Additional Training:

Building Operator Certification (BOC)

The BOC is a skills-based training for professionals in the facilities operation, maintenance and management field who aim to pursue greater knowledge in energy management and efficiency while earning a respected professional credential.  The training includes a thorough analysis of low-cost and no-cost energy reduction strategies. In fact, the average BOC-certified operator has been independently verified to save energy – on average over $10,000 a year.  One school district in Washington was able to reduce their energy bills by $300,000 a year after their facilities staff became BOC certified.  The training is comprehensive. It covers HVAC, lighting, automation and controls, energy assessments, benchmarking, and more.  It is administered by Pennsylvania College of Technology’s National Sustainable Structures Center (NSSC), and the course is hosted and sponsored by Facility Engineering Associates in Fairfax, VA.  Classes will start in January.

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