JMU 2016


Architectural Products of Virginia
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2a132430-df11-11e5-b20d-12c20a1ab2e3Centennial Contractors Enterprises, Inc.
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Breakout sessions


  •  Campus Security and Safety – Ballroom B – Steve Robinson, AVIGILON –

video management software, image quality, automated alarms based on event

types, including email alerts, trigger actions in 3rd party systems, images for

motion events, helps address compliance requirements and process efficiencies,

as well as reduce shrinkage and theft, and false liability claims, license plate


VAPPA2016 Presentation Campus Security and Safety Avigilon


  •  From Assessment to Execution: Optimizing the Capital Planning Process  –

Ballroom C – Glenn Adams, Asset Works – Often, campuses realizing that

credible and complete data is the foundation of sound facility investment

decisions look to make improvements to their Capital Planning processes by

devoting resources to systems. Unfortunately, this approach often relies upon

multiple systems/companies that may lack the integration required to be

successful. Frustratingly, the process fails to provide the funding or the program

flexibility needed to effectively manage your facility assets for the long-term. The

key to driving an effective investment program is also defining management

policies that support investment flexibility, focus on priority needs, and allow you

to measure performance — both to program objectives and campus

improvement. This session will illustrate how the coordination of technical data,

effective systems, and capital investment policy intersect to enhance the capital

planning process and work toward achieving your goals.

VAPPA2016 Presentation Capital Planning Adams


  •  Designing a GIS for Campus: Planning, Development, and Maintenance –

Conference Room #3 – Brad Andrick, JMU & Dale Abbott, VHB – Discusses

how JMU’s Facilities Management Geographic Information System has

progressed. Specifically; how it was started, where it currently stands, and where

it is going. Additional topics will also include general GIS planning from a

contractors prospective.

VAPPA2016 Presentation GIS Andrick


  •  Stormwater Compliance: Managing JMU’s MS4 Program – Conference

Room #4 – Dale Chestnut, JMU , John Hines VHB – pollution prevention plans,

erosion/sediment control, general permit requirements, why focus on the

Chesapeake Bay, JMU Waterways, public involvement participation, illicit

discharge detection

VAPPA2016 Presentation Stormwater Compliance Chestnut VAPPA2016 Presentation Stormwater Compliance Hines


  •  FM Strategic Planning  – Ballroom B – Katherine Powers, GMU – FM

Strategic Planning, setting mission, vision, value statements and associated

goals. Includes talk/discussion on how to use these statements and goals to tell

the FM story (website, t-shirts, hats, truck signs, signature blocks, etc.).  Also

metrics to measure attainment of the goals.  This could also include a discussion

about a Balanced Score Card.

VAPPA2016 Presentation Strategic Planning Powers


  • Energy and the FM Sustainability Action Plan – Ballroom C – Rodney Lam

JMU FM Asst. Director Support Operations – Procurement of Energy/Utilities,

low cost energy savings – offices vs classrooms, Magnetic baring chillers, boiler

change outs, building automation meter upgrades and goals

VAPPA2016 Presentation for Sustainability Lam


  • Athletic Fields: Maintain/Repairs/Warranties –  Conference Room #3 – Ty

Phillips, Frankie Lucas, JMU Athletics/Grounds – field types, winterizing,

irrigation, maintenance plan, synthetic and Bermuda with rye, pros & cons

VAPPA2016 Presentation Athletic Fields Maintenance Phillips


  •  Developing a Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan for Campus Life –  Conference

Room #4 – Abe Kaufman, Mike Dalmolin, JMU, Timothy Tresohlavy, VHB –

connecting our community, cycling on campus, connections to the city, State and

Federal funding options for transportation projects on campus (e.g.,bicycle and

pedestrian trails, Cycle Share): State: Virginia Revenue Sharing– Federal:

Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP)

VAPPA2016 Presentations Bike-Ped Plans Kaufman